From June 2nd to June 4th, the master-level “ICT4D in the Field” course kicks off with an Open International Webinar Artificial Intelligence in & for the Global South. The webinar is opened by Prof. Dr Gabriel Ayum Teye, Vice-Chancellor University for Development Studies UDS, Ghana; Prof. Dr Mirjam van Praag, President Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Chair Aurora European University Alliance, and Prof. Datuk Dr Mohammad Kadim bin Suaidi, Vice-Chancellor Universiti Malaysia Sarawak UNIMAS, Malaysia.

Many speakers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, UDS Ghana and Unimas Malaysia will host webinars on topics like Knowledge engineering & management: dealing with specialist knowledge, Data analytics for patient health monitoring, Digital socio-technical innovation and indigenous knowledge in South-East Asia, and many more.

Access the Webinar zoom ID and password by clicking the button below:

The master course ICT4D in the Field is the first course in the Aurora pilot “Digital Society and Global Citizenship”. The course’s central theme will be: “Artificial Intelligence in and for the Global South”. Previously, this course has been carried out in a real-world environment. Students were exposed to complex contexts and real-world challenges. They design and implement practical, user-centred and sustainable socio-technological solutions for disadvantaged communities according to a Community Service Learning (CSL) approach. This year the course has been “Aurorized”, i.e. redesigned as part of the Aurora Alliance educational pilot, into “collaborative online international learning” while maintaining its global and Community Service flavour. A visual preview of the course: