We are Aurora

Matching academic excellence with societal relevance

Aurora was formed in 2016 as a consortium of research-intensive universities deeply committed to the social impact of their activities, and with a history of engagement with their communities.

As 9 universities working together, we aim to harness our academic excellence to influence societal change through research and educational activities – and ultimately to contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

Our values

Learning from and with each other

We operate as a high trust platform wanting to learn with and from each other by sharing our struggles and weaknesses and our strengths and resources. Aurora is a platform of intensive collaboration and co-creation between all members of its various communities: university leaders, students, administrators, teachers, and academics alike. This, in return, enhances the synergy both within and between the Aurora universities collectively.

Equip students with entrepreneurial skills and mindset

We want to equip our graduates with the skills and mindset needed to take responsibility and initiative in their work and life. Therefore, we help our students to develop their willingness and ability to tackle society’s problems in a socially entrepreneurial and innovative way. We do this within the realms of our pilot domains: Sustainability & Climate Change, Digital Society & Global Citizenship, Health & Well-being, and Culture: Diversity & Identity.

As a close-knit group of universities, our geographical focus is on Europe, and we are committed to the contribution that European universities can and should make to the prosperity and well-being of Europe. But as globally operating research-intensive universities, we define our constituencies at local, regional, and global levels. We welcome and embrace partners at each level.

Our strategic priorities are:

Diversity & Inclusion

We hold diversity in high esteem and wish to create equal opportunities for our staff and students by creating a working and learning environment at our universities in which different perspectives are explicitly valued. In addition, we want to get the most out of generating creativity from different perspectives both in teaching and in research.

Societal Impact and Relevance of Research

SIRR defines our member universities’ roles in society and their position regarding global challenges in Aurora. This includes demonstrating how Aurora universities’ research and education contribute to the SDGs by visualising their societal impact in what is called the Aurora Research Dashboard. 

Innovation of teaching and learning

Aurora universities collaborate to promote innovation in teaching & learning pedagogies, including developments in the transformation of education as well as innovation in the content and the balance of subject-related, general cognitive and personal learning incomes and outcomes.


Aurora attaches great value to student involvement, both as a fundamental characteristic of each member university and within the network. The students’ roles go significantly beyond the domain of student representation, and they are included as drivers of educational development. One example is the Aurora student championship scheme, where students actively contribute to the educational strand of Aurora by supporting university staff in transforming education as we know it. 

Management and Coordination

  • Governance

    Ensure that all Aurora governance and management bodies are operational and supported. Also, ensures that all decision and conflict resolution mechanisms are in place.

  • Communication

    Ensure reciprocal information suited to the implementation of the Aurora programme is freely available.

  • Monitoring

    Keep track of and ensure adequate feedback on execution of tasks and achievement of deliverables. 

  • Financial Management

    Ensure the effective, efficient, and appropriate allocation and accounting of financial resources.

  • Risk Management

    Minimise and mitigate risks jeopardising the overall achievement of Aurora’s goals. 

  • Aurora Capacity Development Support

    Narrowing differentials in higher education & research across Europe by supporting universities in Central and Eastern Europe to strengthen their capacity for academic excellence and societal relevance.

    Quality Management

    • Quality System

      An integrated quality management system, in which all teams and all activity teams share responsibility.
    • Quality Culture

      An integrated quality management system, in which all teams and all activity teams share responsibility.
    • Internal Quality Evaluation

      Regular assessments of all tasks, processes, and deliverables.
    • External Quality Monitoring

      The quality team gives critical review externally. The Alliance management will regularly coordinate and communicate with the external quality board.
    • Quality Enhancement

      Ensures systematic quality enhancement.

      Sustainability and Dissemination

      • Aurora Sustainability Plan

        Creates the Aurora European University as a lasting institution as part of the European Education Area.
      • Aurora Dissemination Plan

        Contributes to active sharing of good practices and experiences with other institutions and networks.