& Climate Change

Transdisciplinary educational programme for Master students

“Sustainability & Climate Change” is a transdisciplinary educational programme (30 ECTS credits) open to the Master students of all disciplines who are currently studying at any of the universities associated with Aurora Alliance.

the programme

The students gain a unique opportunity to tackle one of the main sustainable challenges of society.

of instruction



Students will receive a certificate of the completion of the programme.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the programme students will be able to:

  • view the concept sustainability holistically and expand on the ecological or economic interpretations of the term
  • understand complex societal problems in various ecosystems.
  • develop creative solutions to “Sustainability & Climate Change” issues in a transdisciplinary way and can implement and disseminate innovation in a collaborative, international and intercultural

Pilot Courses

There are two pilot courses (5 ECTS credits each) in the programme.

Course 1

Sustainability & Climate Change
Course number 800.873
5 ECTS credits
Universität Innsbruck

Course 2

Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation focusing on Sustainability & Climate Change
Course number 800.870
5 ECTS credits
Universität Innsbruck

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The pilot courses also form the micro-credential “Sustainability & Climate Change” (10 ECTS credits).

Micro-credential “Sustainability & Climate Change”
10 ETCS Credits

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme students will be able to:

  • act as social entrepreneurs and innovators
  • appear in societally responsible roles
  • use their scientific/educational background in a transdisciplinary environment
  • act in diverse, international and multicultural teams


Language of Instruction



Students will receive a digital certificate issued by Universität Innsbruck.


Description of the micro-credential

Today’s job market is in need of university graduates who possess a combination of academic knowledge and real-world skills. A growing number of university graduates need to improve their skills to fill the gap between their academic education and the job market requirements. Micro-credentials teach skills and competencies geared towards society and the job market. Aurora’s micro-credential scheme makes the combination of academic, scientific and societal relevant competencies recognizable to hiring managers and higher education institutions.

Title of the micro-credential: “Sustainability & Climate Change”
ECTS credits: 10
Learning outcomes: see above
Target groups: Aurora students at Master level from all disciplines
Type of assessment:  course exam including compulsory short-term mobility,performance assessment based on the national grading scale of the university offering the course(s)
Form of Learning:  online, blended
Level of qualification: EQF 7 (Master level)
Issuing institution: Universität Innsbruck, Public University, Austria
Aurora European Universities Alliance
Course package: planned joint educational programme of the same name