The Aurora Competence Framework (ACF) offers diverse tools to help academic teachers to articulate learning outcomes, integrate them into their regular classes and assess the actual development of the identified competences.

It reflects the Aurora Education Vision: we must equip our students with the subject expertise, broader skills, and mindsets to contribute to society.

Thus, the ACF consists of three components that have distinct but complementary and synergistic impacts:


is a teaching & learning development tool for general academic and (intra)personal competences. LOUIS uses the VALUE approach of the AACU (American Association of Colleges and Universities) and adapts it for Aurora. It aims for curricular embedding of a broad range of competences beyond subject expertise.


Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Scales: Measuring Increase in Competence, is an Aurora-made measuring tool that has a specific focus on competences needed to social entrepreneurship & innovation.


the Beliefs, Events, Values Inventory is an accessible, adaptable, and powerful analytic tool that can be used in a wide range of settings, from education and research to leadership and mental health – to understand and facilitate processes and outcomes of learning, growth, and transformation.