Aurora Institute

Discover the Aurora Institute, the virtual hub that unites the key elements of our collaboration in Aurora. These elements form the backbone of our objective: to equip graduates with the necessary skills and mindsets to tackle society’s challenges from a social, entrepreneurial, and innovative perspective. These elements are also at the heart of the wider mission which is to match academic excellence with societal relevance in education research, knowledge transfer, and service.

Join us in building and fortifying Aurora as a community of academics, students, and administrators where we can co-create the future together. Explore the Aurora Institute and be part of our dynamic community!

Expert & Support Centres

The Aurora Institute supports and facilitates connections with our Aurora Expert and Support Centres (ESCs). Each ESC brings together a team of experts, their knowledge, and the necessary tools to address a specific topic of interest to Aurora and its objectives. While each ESC is unique in its development phase, the much more advanced ESCs currently offer specific, detailed information and a convenient contact form. Be sure to check back frequently to see other ESCs as they continue to progress.

Thematic Communities

Explore our revamped programs in four pilot domains. Experience skill development, international perspectives, diverse classrooms, and sustainable practices. Join us in shaping the future through innovative competences and opportunities. 

High-Level Discussion Platform

Under the umbrella of the Aurora Institute, Aurora organises High Level Debates – often in connection with one of the Aurora Biannual meetings. These debates serve to strengthen the connection between specific activities and the overarching objectives and to enhance the flow of ideas between Aurora and other parts of the European and global higher education and research community – as well as with society in general. Debates will follow soon.