Digital Society & Global Citizenship

The Digital Society and Global Citizenship thematic community is working to develop European graduate students who are willing and able tackling the most challenging issues that society faces. 

The team is preparing the launch of an integrated, interdisciplinary EU research master programme. It has already hosted a conference and a workshop attended by 100 academic staff and students; additionally, it organized five on-site visits at participating institutions. The plan for the international two-year 120 ECTS EU joint degree research Master Digital Society & Global Citizenship, fits the key Aurora principles:

  • Agreement and commitment have been established about development and implementation of such a Masters programme by the Aurora universities (formalized in signing a Letter of Intent at the Aurora Biannual in Innsbruck, May 2022).
  • A set of pilot courses, relevant to the envisaged master programme in the domain, have been made open to students from across the Aurora EUN, and have experimentally been delivered with participation from several Aurora universities.
  • Significant strides have been made in community building beyond the very regular Task Team meetings, by disseminating, promoting, exchanging, and consulting with Aurora as well as external parties about the plans.

Stay tuned for more updates on this thematic community.

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