Virtual Campus

Do you want to learn in an international inclusive (virtual) environment, have the freedom to experience cultural exchanges without physically travelling to another country? Does influencing society and helping to solve its problems resonate with whom you want to become?
Then follow an Aurora course and discover how you can contribute to societal change. 

Our opportunities

Aurora Doctoral Pool

Gain international experience in doctoral education and establish contacts with reseachers from AURORA partner institutions for further collaborations!

Undestanding Europe

“Understanding Europe” is a joint interdisciplinary program (30 ECTS) offered by the Aurora European Universities Alliance and open to BA students of all disciplinary backgrounds. Students have the unique opportunity to get a multidisciplinary introduction to Europe – its history, politics, societies, arts, and popular culture.

Sustainability & Climate Change

“Sustainability & Climate Change” is a transdisciplinary educational programme (30 ECTS credits) open to the Master students of all disciplines who are currently studying at any of the universities associated with Aurora Alliance.