Horizon Europe

The Horizon Europe programme consists of three pillars: 1) excellent science (ERC, MSCA and research infrastructures), 2) global challenges and European industrial competitiveness (clusters; Joint Research Centre actions; partnerships and missions), and 3) Innovative Europe (EIT, EIC, European innovation ecosystems). The transversal part deals with widening participation and strengthening the European Research Area (ERA) actions. The programme is divided into work programmes dedicated to the respective components (ERC, MSCA, RI, six separate clusters, EIC, EIT, Widening and ERA, and missions) with a duration of 2 years. The policy process to achieve these work programmes is based on co-design and co-creation of a 4-year strategic plan, hence including academic and societal actors. 

Important operational objectives of Horizon Europe: 

Scientific Impact:
Creating high-quality new knowledge, strengthening human capital in R&I and Fostering diffusion of knowledge and Open Science.

Social Impact:
a) Addressing EU policy priorities global challenges through R&I,
b) delivering benefits and Impact through R& I missions,
c) Strengthening the uptake of research and innovation in society, and Citizen Science including citizen engagement.;

Economic and Technological impact
a) generating innovation-based growth,
b) creating more and better jobs;
c) levering investments in R&I.

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