Sustainability & Climate Change Hub Advances Micro-credentials Initiative

25 June 2024

At the Aurora Spring Biannual 2024 hosted by University Federico II in Naples, involving task teams 2.1 “Establishing the Hub for Sustainability & Climate Change” and 2.5 “Coordination of joint education and joint accreditation”, marked a significant step forward to discuss micro-credentials, and make flexible and individual learning paths a reality within Aurora.

A major highlight was the near-finalisation of the much-anticipated document, “Guidelines for Setting Up Aurora Micro-credentials.” During the collaborative discussion on the guidelines draft, several key points were highlighted: 

  • Further Modifications and Provisional Decisions: Members discussed potential changes and provisional decisions, planning to forward these to other task teams and the Vice-Rectors of Education (VRE). 
  • Quality Assurance and Implementation: Each institution is responsible for quality assurance, teaching, and assessment of the micro-credentials, but institutions must agree upon joint implementation, coordinated processes and issuance. 
  • Innovative Methods: The importance of innovative teaching methods that guarantee active student participation and are recognized by employers and society was highlighted. 
  • Learning outcomes: The relevance of learning outcomes and their valid verification was reaffirmed, as was the use of the different Aurora Competence Framework tools. 
  • Branding Strategy: A strong branding strategy is needed to make micro-credentials attractive and popular among students. 

The quote “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time” by Leonard Bernstein resonates profoundly. Thus, following the discussion on the draft document and potential future issues, both task teams established a timeline for final feedback and approval.

Members of  task teams 2.1 and 2.5 agreed to respond to the draft within two months. The final version will then be sent to the board of Vice-Rectors for Education. Additionally, the “Guidelines for Setting Up Aurora Micro-credentials” have been sent to task team 6.1 Aurora IT Development & Services to discuss IT processes for shared student data and future perspectives on digital issuing.