Enhancing Synergies in Aurora 2030: Insights from the Spring Biannual Leadership Workshop

28 June 2024

On May 28, during the Spring Biannual hosted in Naples, Italy, the project management team of the Aurora 2030 project came together during a workshop to carve out pathways for better collaboration and synergy within work packages (WPs). The workshop was attended by work package leads and co-leads, all focused on identifying how their collective efforts could be more effectively aligned.  

Workshop Objectives

The workshop aimed to create a more cohesive and robust management framework for better outcomes. It is part of a series of activities that will take place over the next three years. Organized by the management team (WP1), it sought to maintain strong connections between WP leads by fostering a collaborative environment, encouraging mutual support among WPs, and reducing redundancy and double reporting. 

“Our goal is to foster a collaborative environment where leaders can identify synergies and opportunities. By working together and maintaining open lines of communication, we can address challenges proactively and strengthen each other’s efforts,” said Maria José Montaña Correa, Project Manager for Aurora 2030. 

Primarily, the workshop focused on identifying new synergies and possibilities to secure the sustainability of the Aurora 2030 activities. 

Key Areas of Synergy 

Several critical areas for increasing synergies were identified during the workshop: 

  • Aligned Efforts: The need to align efforts across various WPs was emphasized to ensure that resources, initiatives, and reporting are not duplicated. This alignment is essential for maximizing the impact of the project’s activities. 
  • Funding and Educational Opportunities: Exploring possibilities for funding new educational offers was a priority. This includes discovering innovative ways to support existing and future educational initiatives. 
  • Student Needs and Interests: Students expressed their desire for innovative inter- and transdisciplinary courses. The discussion also focused on alternative ways of mobility, while some of the leads proposed innovative approaches to financing new opportunities.

Reporting and Continuous Improvement 

To maintain transparency and keep everyone informed, ongoing communication and regular reporting are crucial. These types of workshops are the ideal opportunity to align on the reporting cycle. During the meeting, the project management team launched the newest version of the Aurora 2030 Handbook, where the reporting processes and needs are presented together with the communications guidelines and other useful tools.  

In conclusion, the Spring Biannual leadership workshop in Naples successfully laid the groundwork for increased synergy and collaboration within the Aurora 2030 project. The teams continue strengthening their collaborative efforts by addressing key areas such as funding, student needs, and better alignment.