Statement from the President of Aurora on the situation in Ukraine

13 March 2022

In this incredibly sad time for Ukraine and its people, I, on behalf of Aurora, want to send a message of solidarity, hope and strength to the people of Ukraine to endure.

We are shocked and appalled by the actions taken by the Russian government and condemn this unconscionable and unjustified assault on Ukraine´s democracy and sovereignty.

We have reached out to our partners and friends at the Karazin Kharkiv National University to offer our support in any way we can. We highly appreciate the collaboration with our Ukrainian partners and continue to admire their strength and determination to promote strategic partnerships between European universities despite the dire circumstances that unfortunately as of now continue to escalate.

We hope to continue this work with you and to support your efforts in promoting democracy, freedom and friendly relationships in the context of the European Universities initiative. We stand strongly in solidarity with you in these extremely difficult times.


Prof. Jon Atli Benediktsson

Aurora President

Rector of the University of Iceland