Aurora Student Council Statement on the Russian War in Ukraine

8 April 2022

The Aurora Student Council stands with Ukraine in the face of the devastating and appalling invasion of Russia. This invasion is in direct violation of international law and benefits no one. We condemn the inhumane attack of the Russian government on the people of Ukraine and Ukrainian democracy.

Aurora is working with our Ukrainian associate partners at Karazin Kharkiv National University to identify areas of need and offer the necessary support. Our respective universities are working on supporting the Ukrainian Universities Association and are exploring how they can best offer support.

Our thoughts are with all students in Ukraine whose lives have been severely disrupted by the war. We urge our own respective governments to take action and support those seeking refuge from the war as quickly and in as direct a manner as possible.

Despite current events, we urge you to remember that we should not equate the actions of governments with their respective citizens. Our solidarity goes out to all Russians who bravely protest their own government and condemn their government’s action as much as we do. War is not a game in which we cheer for either side.

This is not the only ongoing humanitarian crisis in the world. We appreciate the efforts of Aurora and our institutions towards aiding in the crisis in Ukraine. Still, it is important to remember that students are experiencing conflict in various areas that have not been given the same amount of attention. We hope that in the future Aurora and our individual institutions will do better when it comes to recognising the aid that students in other war-torn regions require and providing the support needed.

As Aurora Student Council, we call for peace everywhere!

With love and solidarity,

Aurora Student Council