Aurora Social Entrepreneurship Online Platform Undergoes Rebranding

19 June 2024

During the Aurora Spring Biannual 2024 in Naples, the Aurora team for Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation unveiled seizmic, its freshly rebranded online platform.

Launched during the first phase of the Aurora European university alliance, this platform was previously known as SEISMIC (Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scales to Measure Impact Competence). SEISMIC referred only to the survey tool that provides quantitative measures for the twelve competencies needed to achieve societal impact.

Following the rebranding, the social entrepreneurship online platform today goes by the name seizmic. It consolidates diverse tools and elements that equip students with the competencies required to drive impactful societal change.

One Platform, Multiple Applications for Social Entrepreneurship

Led by Professor Kai Hockerts and Aurora Institutional Coordinator Anne-Karen Hüske of Copenhagen Business School (CBS), the development of teaching and learning activities related to social entrepreneurship and innovation has grown in strength within Aurora universities. Further boosted by the Aurora 2030 project, there is continuous effort to unify all such activities under one seizmic identity:

  • seizmic Courses: These learning modules present the latest research and tools on how social entrepreneurship can address current societal challenges.
  • seizmic APP: This free web-based digital platform guides learners through the social business development process. It focuses on identifying solutions against issues related to different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • seizmic BUSINESS MODEL: This tool covers each step in the social entrepreneurship development process: from problem identification to growth and replication, and beyond.
  • seizmic Awards: An annual award ceremony celebrating the creativity and innovation of students and early-stage social entrepreneurs.
  • seizmic Survey (former SEISMIC): A tool to assess how study programmes or courses contribute to enhancing students’ social entrepreneurship competencies.
  • seizmic Community: seizmic gathers students and budding social entrepreneurs under one space. They collaborate on entrepreneurial projects with a common vision to make positive societal impact.

Educating the Next Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

seizmic enables Aurora students to engage in social entrepreneurship and innovation in multiple ways. They learn through seizmic Courses and use the seizmic APP to build business models. In addition, they participate in seizmic Awards and further assess their competencies with the seizmic Survey.

With the recent addition of the MSCA-funded seizmic Doctoral Network, seizmic offers new doctoral positions across Aurora partner universities in Europe. The Doctoral Network aims to develop an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for studying the replication and imitation of social entrepreneurship ideas. It will also set new benchmarks for doctoral training.

As part of the work undertaken in Aurora, seizmic aspires to cultivate a community of educators dedicated to advancing the discussion and research around social entrepreneurship and innovation.