Aurora R&I study reveals fruitful collaboration among Aurora researchers

15 February 2023

The Aurora Alliance research and innovation team, on learning and sharing with other European universities, led by URV, confirmed a high level of collaboration amongst Aurora researchers. The level of collaboration is even higher than the international average. According to the field-weighted citation impact indicator (the ratio of citations received to citations expected as a function of the average for the scientific field), the citations observed are 78% higher than expected.

In addition to the high level of collaboration amongst researchers within the Aurora Alliance, it was found that researchers within Aurora also collaborate often with researchers from other European Universities Alliances. In total, Aurora Alliance universities collaborate(d) in 25 Horizon 2020 projects in different constellations. Aurora researchers collaborated most with Epicur, 4EU+, CIVIS and UNA Europa alliances. Regarding publications (also beyond Horizon 2020 project results), Aurora universities performed above the global average. Most co-publications were done with universities in the Charm-EU, 4EU+, Neurotech-EU and Circle U alliances.

The Aurora Research and Innovation goal within the Aurora Alliance Horizon 2020 programme is to share research and innovation resources and infrastructures, identify and implement good practices and scientific policies, cooperate in open science and entrepreneurial activity, enhance human capital, and allow the general public to take part.

The working group analysed outcomes generated by other  European university alliances to determine areas where universities can establish complementary practices, both within Aurora and other European Universities Alliances, using the SciVal tool. SciVal is an online tool that offers quick, easy access to the research performance of research institutions and nations worldwide using bibliometrics. It enables you to visualise research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop collaborative partnerships and analyse research trends.

This report will lead to the creation of an action plan supporting continued research and innovation collaboration across the Aurora University Alliance and creating a digital platform for ongoing collaboration and sharing so that researchers and students can share tools and best practices for high-quality research and innovation.

The study, led by Vanesa Ruana and with the collaboration of Dr Rorger Guimerà and Ignasi Salvadó, can be found here.