Academic Careers

3 March 2024

Aurora Universities Network Offers Recommendations for Diverse and Sustainable Academic Careers in Higher Education

Amsterdam / Brussels – February 2024

The Aurora Universities Network has released a set of recommendations aimed at enhancing the attractiveness and sustainability of academic careers within higher education. These recommendations, rooted in practicality and alignment with EU Council guidelines, represent a joint effort to address the evolving needs of academia.

Focusing on Alignment with EU Council Recommendations

Central to the recommendations is a focus on aligning with EU Council recommendations on research careers, talent retention, and the CoARA principles. By adhering to these directives, the Aurora Universities Network seeks to ensure coherence and harmonization within the European academic landscape.

Emphasizing Multifaceted Career Roles

Recognizing the diverse nature of academic roles, the recommendations advocate for the inclusion of education, research, innovation, and societal outreach in academic career paths. This acknowledges the reality of hybrid careers and the fluidity with which individuals move between different functions within academia.

Rethinking Recognition and Rewards

A significant departure from conventional approaches is the proposal to reassess the acknowledgment and incentive structure within academia. Instead of solely focusing on publication metrics, the Aurora Universities Network suggests a holistic approach that encompasses teaching, societal impact, research support, management, leadership, and patient care.

Maintaining Realistic Standards

The proposal emphasizes the importance of maintaining realistic standards while striving for consistency across the European Union. Highlighting the need for comprehensive frameworks that accommodate the diverse career paths present in modern academia, it draws on examples such as the Dutch Recognition & Awarding strategy.

Looking Ahead

The Aurora Universities Network remains committed to promoting diversity, sustainability, and excellence in academic careers. By embracing these recommendations, institutions can work towards fostering a more inclusive and vibrant academic community.

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