Aurora attaches great weight to student involvement, both within universities and as a consortium. That is why student engagement encompasses one of the four key themes of Aurora.

Students Key contacts

Hanuš Patera

Students are excited to be an integral part of the network and aim to be a driving force in shaping and achieving its ambitions. Aurora Student Council consists of two elected student representatives from each university, who collectively decide on student priorities for their own Aurora activities and student priorities for the network. The Aurora Universities Network offers a unique opportunity for students to exchange experiences and improve the quality of student representation at each university. The elected chair of the Aurora student council participates as an observer in the General Council and Board meetings. They are actively involved in the network’s activities and ensure Aurora’s continued student focus.

Student engagement is a broad concept which may cover i.a.

  • Ideas initiated by the student representatives in Aurora for joint Aurora activities.
  • Views of student representatives on the overall vision & mission, strategy, and operations of Aurora.
  • Active participation in the various thematic and project groups by students with a particular engagement with that topic.
  • Activities to strengthen the profile and practice of Aurora universities as institutions that offer their students an engaging education with a lasting impact on their personal development.
  • Independent student projects in accordance with student priority.

Furthermore, they’re vouching for – and working on the following projects:

Aurora Student Ambassadors

Do you want to broaden your horizons? Are you looking to meet students from all over Europe and develop your personal and professional competences? In that case the Aurora Student Ambassador programme is perfect for you.

The Aurora Student Ambassador programme is  the easiest way for you to engage with the Aurora project. At the center of the activities are a series of online and in-person workshops that will focus on developing your professional skills and deepening your understanding of Aurora and its topics! Some of the work-shop topics include: 

  • Intercultural Competences
  • Presenting
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Student Leadership
  • Social Media Training

Being an Aurora student Ambassador is also a great way to meet students with similar interests, both at your home university and abroad! 

The Aurora Student Ambassador registration form for the 2024/25 academic year is available now!

Task Team Participation

To get the most out of your experience as an Aurora Student Ambassador, we recommend you sign up to join an Aurora Task team. You will join a working group of up international professionals, as well as other students, to give your opinion and contribute to the work done.

If you are able to dedicate between 12-40 hours, and want to develop  skills, work in a professional network  you should join an Aurora Task Team, as part of your Student Ambassador Experience! This will allow you to help build and directly contribute to Aurora. 

Task Team Participation

Are you interested in signing up to join a task team? 

At the moment, you can choose to join the following eleven Aurora Working Groups:

  • Task 2.1 Establishing the Hub for Sustainability & Climate Change
  • Task 2.2 Establishing the Hub for Digital Society & Global Citizenship
  • Task 2.3 Establishing the Hub for Health & Well-Being
  • Task 2.4 Establishing the Hub for Culture: Identities and Diversities
  • Task 3.1 Deliver Courses on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Task 4.2 Education for Sustainable Development
  • Task 6.2 Aurora Sustainable Campus
  • Task 7.3 Implementation of Capacity Development Programme in CEE
  • Task 8.3 Internationalization of Institutional Cultures
  • Task 9.3 Aurora Values
  • Task 10.1 Aurora Communication and Dissemination

When signing up to a task team, please make sure you have at least three hours a month you can spend on participating in it. Students that participate at least 12 hours are eligible to receive the certificate of Aurora Student Champion!