Student involvement crucial in creating a better tomorrow

1 December 2022

Cooperation between Aurora universities offers students a variety of exciting ways to gain international experiences as part of their studies and the skills, knowledge, and drive to become social entrepreneurs and leaders. Aurora universities place great emphasis on students’ voices influencing Aurora’s policies, projects, and innovation endeavours. Furthermore, by participating, students have an opportunity to influence higher education in the Future, enhance their professional skills and participate in international collaboration.

Alma Ágústsdóttir, international officer at the University of Iceland’s Student Council, and president of the Aurora Student Council, says that Aurora is a unique opportunity for students. “Through their participation, students are directly involved in international cooperation and policy-making, develop skills that are in high demand by employers and have the opportunity to work with students from other universities and participate in Aurora events here in Iceland and abroad.”

Alma says that Aurora has made great strides in the past three years and a lot has been achieved. “To name a couple of standouts, creating the student handbook is a particular highlight for me. It was a collaborative effort of the entire Aurora student council, and I am very proud of both the process of creation and the final result,” says Alma who believes this work will help get students acquainted with the work of Aurora for years to come.

Collaboration is key

The design thinking Jam in Tarragona that took place in November of last year also warrants a mention. Seeing students gather around a common goal, work on identifying problem areas, and co-creating solutions over the course of three days was an incredible experience that was not only massively beneficial for those who took part in it but ultimately helped us work towards better and more accessible mobility opportunities for all students,” says Alma on the importance of collaboration within the Aurora universities.

She adds, “I can’t wait to see where the work will lead us next, and I have complete faith that Aurora will continue to bring about positive change in the field of higher education,”, dedicated to presenting students’ vision for the Future and improving their experience of higher education and enable more students to take part of their studies abroad.

A video with Alma made for the Autumn Virtual Aurora Biannual held 9 – 10 November on Sustainable Resources and Mobility in Europe: