Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in and for the Global South

Pilot domain:
Digital Society & Global Citizenship
Target group:
Task team name:
T 3.4.2 Pilot domain “Digital Society and Global Citizenship”

The Open International Webinar Artificial Intelligence in & for the Global South  – What is AI and what can it be used for? took place online, from  02-04 June 2021, with 145 participants from Asia, Africa and Europe, including master students from VU Amsterdam (Netherlands), UDS (Ghana) and UNIMAS (Malaysia) and Aurora Universities.
This Webinar is part of the international online community service-learning course “ICT4D in the Field”, and is part of the Aurora project in the domain “Digital Society and Global Citizenship”. It is supported by the EU Erasmus+ program for international staff and student mobility between the participating universities Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, UDS and UNIMAS.