The Foreigner in the European Socio-Legal Culture

Join 7 virtual lecture series on being a foreigner as part of the European socio-legal culture, starting October 7th.

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For academics, For staff
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Aurora is pleased to invite you to the upcoming virtual lecture series on being a foreigner as part of the European socio-legal culture.

The cultural definition of ‘the foreigner’ has oscillated throughout Western cultural history, from hospitality/welcome to discrimination. The issue has become far more pertinent in recent years, given many Western countries’ migration crises. In continental Europe, this crisis arguably represents one of the most significant sociopolitical challenges Europe has faced since the Second World War.

Over time, the term has led to a definition converging on discrimination, arousing ambivalence between tolerance and fear for diversity, and involving cultural, socio-anthropological, and geopolitical aspects.
This prompts a serious and inspired reflection at the socio-political, legislative, cultural and educational level, especially involving universities about re-thinking our society’s socio-cultural state and giving future graduates the skills to independently assess the societal impact of migration and the political decisions that shape migration policies.

These events is for scholars from different social sciences and humanities fields and approaches.

These lecture series, from October 7th till November 11th 2022, are conducted by senior researchers from Aurora with presentations and discussions led by PhD students. Please download the flyer for more information and registration on each individual session here.