Introducing the Aurora Student Council

22 January 2024

The Aurora Student Council, a thriving community of students within the Aurora member university ecosystem, is passionately committed to fostering growth, unity, and progress in Higher Education. With their vibrant cultural diversity and unwavering community spirit, universities transcend being mere educational institutions. The Council serves as a catalyst for student-led initiatives and community engagement, with a mission to foster a diverse and inclusive community that nurtures inter-European transversal collaboration.

At Aurora, we are fully committed to fostering an environment that nurtures the growth and contributions of all our students. Our unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion is the cornerstone of our mission, creating a strong sense of community and belonging. Together, we build a brighter future!

The student representation within Aurora encompasses four crucial elements:

  • Prioritizing a student-focused approach through cooperation
  • Actively participating in developing and implementing student initiatives such as the Student Schemes
  • Sharing experiences to enhance university student representation
  • Engaging in external events on behalf of Aurora

Members of the Aurora Student Council (ASC) play a pivotal role in representing their institution and safeguarding the interests of their student body. Their responsibilities include effectively communicating Aurora’s operations and opportunities to their university’s student population, promoting the Student Schemes, and actively participating in monthly council meetings. ASC members are expected to organize local events that align with Aurora’s vision, maintain contact with students involved in the Student Schemes, and may seize opportunities to represent Aurora at external events, both locally and globally. Overall, ASC members are vital contributors to the collaborative decision-making process within the Student Council, ensuring effective student representation and engagement.

We welcome you to connect with the student council on Instagram to stay updated and engaged with our activities. Join our vibrant social media community today and stay informed about the latest developments.