Aurora Contributes to Guidelines on Responsible Use of Generative AI in Research

2 May 2024

The European Research Area Forum, in collaboration with the Commission and stakeholders, has developed guidelines to promote the responsible utilisation of generative artificial intelligence (AI) within the European research community.

These guidelines, influenced by established frameworks like the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and guidelines on trustworthy AI, provide crucial recommendations to researchers, research organisations, and funders across Europe. With the rapid spread of this technology’s use in all domains, including science, the guidelines address key opportunities and challenges. However, despite its benefits, the commission advises researchers to remain vigilant of potential pitfalls such as plagiarism, privacy breaches, and inherent biases. Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President, emphasised the importance of fostering an AI ecosystem in Europe while upholding ethical standards, urging researchers to leverage generative AI for the betterment of society.

Key highlights from the guidelines include refraining from sensitive activities like peer reviews, ensuring privacy and intellectual property rights, and fostering transparency in funding processes.

Aurora representatives played a significant role in shaping these guidelines, with contributions from experts such as Prof. Kamil Kopecky (Palacky University) and Prof. Koen Hindriks (VU Amsterdam), supported by Pim de Boer from Aurora Central Office and expertise from the University of Iceland. These guidelines mark a pivotal step towards establishing a reference for European research, with plans for continuous updates based on scientific and stakeholder feedback. Moreover, they align with Aurora networks’ involvement in the proposal for a European Research Area action plan for 2025-2027.